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Please contact us to find out the process to adopt your own very rare  Chocolate 'Suphalak' cat breed originating from Thailand which is smaller, unique chocolate color, loving, soft, energetic, and intelligent.

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Very Rare

Only a Few Chocolate Cats

Very Rare

Ancient Thailand Breed​


We are a responsible family oriented cattery in Ohio that is registered with The International Maew-Boran Association (TIMBA).  Our kittens and cats come with TIMBA registered/pedigreed papers and have been vaccinated.


Our kittens are raised in a family based home with constant attention and animal loving environment.


Our kittens and cats will give you an affectionate companion that will bring love and joy for years to come.

Get your Pedigreed Suphalak Kittens!    Suphalaks are known for bringing Good Luck to their owners!

Very Rare

Few Breeders in the World

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Very Rare

Only a Few Litters Each Year

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We have kittens and cats for sale. With us, we'll walk you through every step of the process to own your very special Chocolate 'Suphalak' cat to love.

Follow the contact instructions at the top of the page.  

 a  TIMBA registered Cattery